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TLC Preschool

TLC Preschool
288 San Marin Drive
Novato, CA 94945


TLC Preschool

My son went to TLC for three years and is now excelling in elementary school - as are all of friends that attended TLC with him. Bonnie and the TLC teachers really taught him to love learning in a loving and warm home environment. The class size is unmatched in Novato - only 6-7 students per teacher. Every child receives individual attention and tailored learning.

My daughter is now in her second year at TLC. Obviously I'm thrilled with the school!

My first daughter attended

My first daughter attended TLC for two years and loved it. She is currently excelling in kindergarten. Bonnie has instilled the love of learning and exploration in her which will serve her throughout her life. My second daughter is currently attending her second year at TLC and also loves going to her Pre-K class. She is learning independence and responsibility which are important kindergarten readiness skills. This is a fantastic program that builds confidence in its students which prepares them for a lifetime of learning.

This school is a gem

My second child is graduating from TLC next month and we are sad! Our time with Bonnie and TLC have been nothing short of fantastic. They have energetic and loving teachers and aids. The size of the school, with just two classrooms, was just right for us, with a great mix of academics and socialization. Bonnie brings in great programs - music, wildlife, Spanish, gymnastics, etc. - to provide enrichment for the kids, while keeping tuition costs competitive.

My older daughter entered kindergarten more than ready and excelled, thanks to the pre-K progam at TLC. I am sure my son will be equally ready. You will not find a better, smarter, nicer preschool.