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Protocol Academy Fall Programs

Protocol Academy Got manners? The Protocol Academy, part of Daily Protocol, offers Marin kids, tweens, and teens the opportunity to learn modern upbeat etiquette, life skills, and communication essentials in a fun environment. Here's what they're offering this fall. Classes take place in Corte Madera, Larkspur, Mill Valley, and Terra Linda. For more information, visit

Communicating Across the Generations Workshop

Grandparents, Seniors, Parents, Tweens and Teens, Unite!

Would you like the younger generation to talk to you more often, or wish they were more mindful of social graces? Join the Protocol Academy and Technology 4 Life in their Communicating Across the Generations Workshop, a program to bridge the generations in communication, through technology and social etiquette.

In this active based, mixed generation workshop, tweens and teens learn life skills such as: Meet/Greet/Introduction Essentials; the Art of Small Talk; Meaningful Conversation; and Communication Cues. Adults, using smart phones or iPads, actively learn to text, send photos, take videos, use social media, and learn the rules of online communication and privacy. The generations work separately and together learning and demonstrating these important skills in a fun and friendly class setting.

Simply Complimentary

For Sixth Graders Preparing For the Larger Etiquette Environment

Understanding the nuances of social graces, and how to confidently glide through an event with ease leads to a successful and joyous occasion. The Protocol Academy presents its Simply Complementary series, a fun and personalized eight-week etiquette program for sixth graders.

In a small, active-based classroom setting, this course is designed to further prepare students for the larger etiquette environment. Dining skills include: Proper Table Posture; 3-Course Dining Basics; Napkin & Utensil Protocol; the Fundamentals and Manners of a Polite Diner; Styles of Dining; Handling Dining Situations With Grace; and Dining in Small and Large Groups. Social etiquette includes: the Art of Making Proper Introductions; Being a Polite Conversationalist and Listener; Awareness of Non-Verbal Language Cues; Polite and Proper Behavior at Social Gatherings; Host and Guest Protocol; and Social Courtesies: Respect, Graciousness, and Thoughtfulness.

Tween/Teen Personal Communication and Dining Essentials Workshop

A Fun Approach To Social Self-Awareness & Finessed Dining Skills

Intuitive social skills bring confidence in anticipating new situations in daily life as well as future endeavors. This includes understanding how to introduce your peers or elders, knowing how your non-verbal communication affects others, realizing how important cyber etiquette is, and possessing finessed dining skills. The Protocol Academy invites tweens and teens to its Personal Communication and Dining Essentials Workshop.

It’s a fun-filled and highly participatory class, with subjects and issues specifically designed for this age group. Such as: Proper Meet/Greet/Introductions; Conversation/Communication Strategies and Cues; Affect Communication; Polite and Meaningful Conversation; Active Listening; Cyber Civility and Etiquette, and Mobile and Phone Politeness. In addition, the program includes: Proper Dining Posture; 3-Course Dining Essentials; Napkin/Linen Protocol; Utensil Protocol and Usage; Styles of Dining; Acceptable Table Manners; and Polite Dining Conversation.

Tween/Teen Job Interview Skills Workshop

Walk Into That Interview With Confidence!

Just how do you set yourself apart from all the other candidates applying for that one job that you think you’re perfect for? Interviewing for a job takes a lot of work, from start to finish. Tweens and teens are invited to join The Protocol Academy’s Job Interview Skills Workshop to learn how to prepare, practice, and acquire these important and fundamental skills.

In this low-stress yet highly interactive class, students learn proper interview preparation and research, resume and cover letter writing, and appropriate forms of follow-up. In addition, critical communication (personal and technology-focused), wardrobe, hiring manager expectations, thank you notes, and new job expectations are taught. Among their peers, students also learn through active-based interview role-play and improvisation.

Tween/Teen Effective Communication Series

The Way You Present Yourself Is Key To Being Heard

Does it really just take a few seconds to make a lasting first impression? How important is it to present yourself well, and communicate effectively one-on-one or in a group? Confidence in personal communication is a key life skill for success. The Protocol Academy invites tweens and teens to join its 10-week Effective Communication Program, designed to further develop the essential skills to become a more poised, self-assured and fluid communicator. Students interactively learn through games, role-play, small group team building activities, improvisation, self-observation and solo speaking.

Covered skill sets in the first section of the series include: the Art of Small Talk; Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication and Cues; the Importance and Impact of Written Communication; Communicating in the Digital World; Critical Thinking; Feedback Essentials; and Negotiation Skills. The second part of the program concentrates on learning, sequencing, practicing and presenting various speeches. Themes include: Personal, Motivational, Inspirational, Gratitude, Aspirational, Persuasive, Informative, Tribute and Impromptu. All speech writing is done and presented in class.

Etiquette and Dining Essentials Program for Children Age 7–11

Does Your Child Need Reinforcement In Social Graces And Table Manners?

Wonderful manners begin with confidence in knowing how and what to do in all kinds of social situations. Manners are memorable and make lasting impressions. Have your child join The Protocol Academy for a five-week Children’s Etiquette and Dining Essentials Series.

In this progressive, active-based and participatory program, students learn and practice tthoughtfulness and everyday kindness through role-play, discussions, games and activities. Subjects include: Meet and Greet Essentials, Connecting with People; Family Politeness; Conversation and Communication Cues; Thank You Notes; Wardrobe Thoughtfulness; Proper Party Behavior; and Situational Conduct. In addition they practice hands-on skills such as: Proper Table Posture; Two and Three Course Place Settings; Linen and Utensil Protocol; Etiquette for Dining at Home and Away; Proper Table Manners and Acceptable Behavior; Styles of Dining; and more.