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In search of nanny, 20 hours/week

Hi there,

We live in Mill Valley and are expecting baby #3 in June! We have an almost 6 year old, and an almost 4 year old, both of whom go to school and are currently in full time kindergarten and preschool (I work full time). But as my due date nears, I'd love to have a nanny for 20 hours/week to help in the afternoons and with pick-ups. I'll be home on maternity leave until September and my mom will be around to take care of the baby after that, but it would be helpful to have someone around for four hours/day helping out.

We're Indian and we're trying to teach our kids Punjabi/Tamil, so someone who knows either of those languages would be wonderful, but I realize this is probably nearly impossible, and we're mostly just looking for someone who is loving and attentive.

You can email me at if you're interested or know someone who is.

Thanks so much