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Join us this summer 2022 on our amazing and innovative art and tech camps! 
We are here for you to explore new possibilities and push your talents in our super fun and diverse classes. From traditional art to animation, sculpting, filming, video games and even making your own backpacks for the new school year ! Possibilities are endless at CreativeCave. 
⭐️ Board-game Design (Game/Level Design)
⭐️Digital Art & 2D Animation
⭐️Minecraft & Roblox Miniature Clay Sculpting
⭐️Manga, Calligraphy & Block Printing
⭐️Comics, Street Art & Skateboard Deck Design
⭐️Make your own Backpacks & Keychains
⭐️Fairy Houses and Gnome Gardens Miniature Clay
⭐️Stop Motion and Claymation camp
8 exciting weeks of camps for all ages:
7 - 12 years old and afternoon special TEENS mini-camps.
Our camp list and registration is now open for everybody, so feel free to check it out at
Camp phone: 
(628) 252-9173
Summer camp activities: 
Art and Crafts
Fashion Design
Film and Animation
Summer camp age level: 
Grades K to 5
Grades 6 to 8
Grades 9 to 12
Summer camp location: 
558 Miller Ave #2
Mill Valley, CA 94941