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CreativeCave is a Design Thinking Studio for school age kids. From illustrative design to animatronics of the future, CreativeCave offers classes that empower kids to prototype their imaginative ideas.

  • CreativeCave is a fun, safe and supportive place where kids can go to develop their full creative potential through the mix of art, technology and project based learning.
  • We offer classes and workshops designed for kids who love art and design, including, animation, character development, stop motion, digital illustration, fashion, robotics, coding and art.
  • CreativeCave's program provides an environment for invention and innovation: a space to create, collaborate, explore, test, experiment, and invent. Creativity is the spark of innovation!
  • CreativeCave encourages creative opportunities by providing a collaborative space, tools, assistance, and many layers of support for each of the student projects and ideas.
  • Through Design Thinking methodology, students will dream about possibilities, find creative solutions and solve complex problems through creativity and design.

Due to COVID-19, summer camp offerings will follow all CDC and state guidelines and small group camps will be customized around the group of friends you choose and what interests them the most. Parents can create a group of kids comprising siblings, neighbors, friends, and others.

There will be a minimum of 6 children and maximum of 8 in each session. Once you have created your group of campers, you can select the camp topic of your choice. Camp topics include Make a Hand Puppet, Stop Motion Animation, Character Design and Digital Illustration, Fashion Design, Animation and 3D Sculpting, and much more.

Camp phone: 
(628) 252-9173
Summer camp activities: 
Art and Crafts
Fashion Design
Film and Animation
Online Camp
Summer camp age level: 
Grades K to 5
Grades 6 to 8
Grades 9 to 12
Summer camp location: 
558 Miller Ave #2
Mill Valley, CA 94941