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Be Prepared with kidSTAT and babySTAT First Aid Kits from Three Mommy Doctors

Three Mommy Doctors First Aid KitsA first aid kit is a household must-have, especially for families with kids. Wouldn't it be great if you knew some doctors, who also happened to be parents, who could recommend first aid kit essentials for you? The new kidSTAT and babySTAT first aid kits are exactly that! Created by three moms who are also emergency room doctors (hence their company name Three Mommy Doctors, or 3MD), these kits contain everything a parent needs to be prepared for almost any emergency situation.

We got to check out a review sample of the 3MD kidSTAT kit, and it's really a fantastic resource, stocked with hospital-grade first aid items and detailed instructions and packaged in a neat plastic case. The case is divided into different sections—"aches + sprains", "bites + burns", and "cuts + scrapes"—and each section is packed with the supplies needed to treat injuries in each category, with plenty of bandages, pads, an instant cold pack, burn gel, ointments, and even a pair of EMT shears. There are 91 items—way more than we can list here, but you can get a complete rundown on their website.

The lid of the kidSTAT kit has instructions on treating common injuries like sprains, bug bites, minor burns and cuts, as well as red flags to go to the ER or call 911. There's also an infant/child CPR reference card that doubles as an emergency contact list. This is a great kit to keep in the house or the car, and perfect for outings and camping trips. We love the comprehensiveness of it, the integrated instructions, and of course the peace of mind knowing that it was put together by parents who are also medical professionals.

Three Mommy Doctors First Aid Kits Three Mommy Doctors First Aid Kits

3MD also offers a babySTAT kit for new parents, which is designed with the needs of baby's first year in mind. Divided into sections called "ouchy", "yucky", and "cranky", the babySTAT kit includes 58 hospital-grade items, instructions, and more.

The kidSTAT kit retails at $68 and the babySTAT at $78, but you can pre-order a kit via Three Mommy Doctors' Indiegogo campaign and save $8 on either one! (The campaign ends on Wednesday, October 7.)

For more information, visit their website at

Disclosure: Three Mommy Doctors provided a sample kit for review, and they're also Marin Mommies advertisers.

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