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Celebrate Pi Day with the Exploratorium on March 14!

Pi Day at the Exploratorium

On Sunday, March 14, 2021, San Francisco's Exploratorium celebrates the 34th Pi Day, an annual celebration of the mathematical constant and never-ending number—and Albert Einstein’s birthday! Did you know that the celebration of Pi Day originated at the Exploratorium, too?

Of course, this year's Pi Day will be a little different in that it's an all-virtual celebration. On Pi Day, math artist John Sims will host a live listening session and roundtable from 1:15 to 2 pm featuring work from his music project, 31415: The Pi Collection. This performance will feature his "Pi Day Anthem" video, a spoken-word "Dear Pi" letter, and the world premiere of a new "Jazz Pi" composition. You can also join the Exploratorium's panel of pi enthusiasts who will dish out bites of pi trivia and pi art (as well as puns and "pi-kus"), and ask your questions and share your pi stories in the live chat.

Check out the Exploratorium's pi activities to snack on at home, four new pi-themed videos in the player on this page, new servings of pi curiosities, and share your own celebrations.

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