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Magical Garden Preschool

311 Willow Avenue
Corte Madera, CA
(415) 945-9409

311 Willow Avenue
Corte Madera, CA 94925


great summer camp

As its name implies, this small, Waldorf-inspired preschool truly is magic. My daughters have attended "Fairy Camp" for the past two summers, and are eagerly waiting for a third. Their belief in fairies is kept alive for the week they are there. Wonderful director, sweet kids, amazing garden, water play, healthy snacks, engaging songs and activities. I'd love to add a few preschool days during the year for my youngest.

Best kept secret in Marin

This school and fairy camp is absolutely beautiful. My son spent two years of preschool there after having spent an unhappy year at a reputable larger Waldorf preschool. The small size was perfect for his young age. He felt a tremendous sense of community, security and belonging at this lovely preschool. Lori has years of experience with Waldorf teaching and with preschool aged children. She is patient, loving, present, creative, and a wonderful teacher. She leads wonderful circle times, songs, creative projects, baking, sharing, storytimes and much much more. Lori's program is beautiful and healthy and a wonderful beginning for young children. My son who is in kindergarten now begs to go back for visits and afterschool time. Fairy camp is fantastic and he will certainly go back for more this summer! Lots of fun art projects, fairy splendor, dress up, garden play and community.

Magical Garden - Love it

This is a wonderful local waldrof inspired preschool here in Corte Madera. My daughter is attending it now, and it has truly been a unique experience for her. Lori Callies runs this from her home and she has a small number of children at any one time. She has a dedicated playroom for the children with lots of fun waldrof type toys as well as a beautiful garden that the kids love to play in. Lori has been a teacher for 20+ years, so she is very experienced. She is licensed too.

Lori offers a very sweet environment where the children do a lot of imaginative play both inside and out - it's a creative environment - with arts & crafts, baking, sewing and other unique projects. It's a clean environment - kids wash their hands frequently and have their own towels. On Tuesday, they have a movement teacher and the kids have fun dancing together.

Some of the pros I didn't realize at first that I love now is that all the children are so close and have a tight bond; Since it's a small environment, not only do they get more personal attention, but all the kids get multiple chances to be a leader (something that is not always possible in bigger schools)...This has had a positive effect on my daughters self confidence. She has socially and emoctionally blossomed at Magical Garden. They also do a lot of other misc. fun activities that may not be possible in a larger environment.

My daughter just loves going there and I will be forever grateful for this experience.

Wonderful Preschool and Fairy Camp!

Lori is an amazing teacher -- and Fairy Camp headmistress! -- who combines a stellar educational background with Waldorf-inspired methods. Before opening her truly magical preschool, she taught for 20 years in the public schools and gained multiple credentials. She brings all that to bear in everyday magical moments with children. My daughter loved being at her school and her very special Fairy Camp. She got exactly what she needed there, and Lori will not only sense what that is for your child, but also talk with you about your hopes and expectations throughout the year or summer. Your kid will find both basic skills-building and super-personal fun and attention at Magical Gardens. You won't find a sweeter, more trustworthy, smarter, or more intuitive preschool director/teacher in Marin. Call Lori and go to one of her open house days!

Warm and nurturing

My three year old son spent this past year at the Magical Garden. This was his first time at a preschool and he was a little on the shy side, so Lori's small class size (around six children) and the comfortable environment proved to be an excellent transition for him. Lori is very warm and nurturing and the kids have a lot of fun there. They sing a lot of songs and do many art projects. There are two resident bunnies that the kids can feed and hug. There is a lovely garden out back, with a sandbox where they dig for treasures. They take walks and splash in puddles. In short it is a delightful place for the kids to play and learn to operate in class type situation. My son has gained a lot of confidence this year, and I highly recommend this program.

Wonderful Preschool

Magical Garden Preschool is a wonderful Waldorf-inspired preschool in Corte Madera. My 3 year old son attends MGP and has had a great year. The small environment (only 5-6 kids per day) has been perfect for my son’s first experience in preschool. I like the calm, safe feeling of the school and I think that leads to my son’s comfort in going there. Lori encourages my son to interact with the other kids and develop friendships and social skills.
I love the creative side of the school, with the children singing lots of songs and doing unique art projects. Lori encourages a lot of imaginative play, which I have seen come out in my son as he plays with his toys at home. The kids spend a lot of time playing and doing other activities outside which my son really enjoys.
My son is having the primary experiences and learning the main skills I want out of preschool including developing social skills and learning to play in a group environment, gaining some independence from me, doing lots of art and creative projects. I would highly recommend MGP to anyone looking for a preschool in Marin.

Wonderful Experience

We have absolutely loved Magical Garden. The small setting is wonderful for developing friendships among both the children and their parents. Lori works very hard to have a cohesive group, in which each child feels comfortable and confident. My daughter blossomed socially in this wonderful setting. I cannot thank Lori enough for her contribution to my daughter's early education!