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Marinwood Preschool Programs

Parent Toddler thru Pre-K

Marinwood Community Center
775 Miller Creek Road
San Rafael, CA 94903


Keep looking, not worth the money

I'm sorry my kids didn't attend a different preschool, I feel it was quite waste of time and money when I compare it with the preschool they are in now. It's true they provide a lot of toys but that's about it. My kids can play with toys at home or when they visit their friends. The school needs some structure, follow some concept, playing with toys just won't do it.

Exceptional Preschool!

I have a completely different opinion of Marinwood Preschool. The director, Susan Press, and her long-time staff of teachers run a wonderful, nurturing program that is well worth the money. In fact, it's one of the best "deals" around when it comes to preschool tuition. It is truly one of the best decisions we made in enrolling our children in this preschool. We have made lasting friendships with the families there, and it such a blessing to know your children are being taught and cared for by Susan and her colleagues.

There is indeed structure to the classes at the school. In fact, even the parent/tot program for the 2 year olds follows a daily schedule. It includes play time (various stations with toys that are rotated and new each day), a different art project each day that is age-appropriate, snack time, and circle/song time. The school also offers programs for 3 year olds (Threes Together) and 4 year olds (Morning School). The 4 year olds also receive extra academic instruction (i.e. writing skills, worksheets, numbers, etc.) in order to prepare them for kindergarten the following year.

When we first moved to this area last year, we did not know a single family here. This preschool has made the transition so easy for both our children. Not only do our kids enjoy going to school, but Susan and the other teachers are so friendly and approachable. I would highly recommend it!

Wonderful preschool!

My daughter attended Marinwood preschool for the 3's class and the 4's/pre-k class. This preschool is a real gem. It's not only cost effective, but the teachers at this preschool are empathetic, compassionate, and put the needs of the children first. As a former preschool and credentialed elementary school teacher, I was also impressed with the pre-k program. My daughter learned how to recognize and write all her letters and numbers, and learned all her letter sounds just from their pre-k program. The school also included science lessons and art lessons. Aside from that, my daughter learned how to interact with others, share, take turns, make friends, and overall basic school behavior. She learned all of this in a child-centered environment where the children have structured playtime with a wide variety of toys and teacher led activities. Too many preschools are in a rush to make children grow up too quickly- pushing academics and not allowing children to learn how they learn best at this age- through play. This preschool has it right. The children learn everything they need to be successful in elementary school without the added pressure and burn out. I am very grateful to have found this preschool. My daughter absolutely loved it. The parents are also amazing. I've met many parents I will be friends with for life at this preschool!

Delightful Early Ed Program

My son and I did the parent-tot program last year, and we were so pleased. The program director, Susan, is wonderful—very nurturing and understanding of childhood development. She always met children where they were at developmentally and kept a gentle rhythm and order while not forcing unrealistic expectations upon the children, as I have seen happen in some other early ed environments. Another pleasure was getting to know the other families—we formed great friendships with them and I appreciated how this school really helped facilitate bringing not just children together but families, as well. Yes, this is a no-frills environment—because that is the best environment for young kids to develop their wonderful imaginations and creativity! If you are looking for a program that understands, respects and protects the basic tenet that play is a child's work and also serves as a true touchstone for building community, you should definitely check Marinwood out. This is a school with its heart and priorities in the right place.