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Ice Cream & Shoe Preschool

Ages: 2-5 years. Before/after school hours: 8 am to 5 pm

Ice Cream & Shoe Preschool
1055 Las Ovejas Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94903


Ice Cream and Shoe

Ice Cream and Shoe is wonderful preschool! The classrooms are warm and the staff is exceptionally caring--both in the office and in the classrooms. I found the owner and director to be a loving woman who is extremely accommodating, and it was clear to me that every child made marked progress as they moved through the school. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is searching for a preschool focused on conscious child-rearing. It is without a doubt a quality education!

We love Ice Cream and Shoe

My daughter has been at Ice Cream and Shoe for the past 18 months and will continue there for another year until Kindergarten. The school is AMAZING. They combine the best of Waldorf and Montessori as well as other teaching techniques. They are a play based school, allowing children to be just that, children. There is tons of outdoor space, a blacktop for bike riding, sandboxes, climbing gyms, trees to run through and even a garden!

My daughter and I both love the entire staff. There are multiple teachers in each class, all with years of experience teaching pre-school who are all warm and generous. They are literally the BEST pre-school teachers I have ever met. They help teach my daughter to be kind and caring as well as improve her cognitive skills. The owner of the school, Susan, is so knowledgeable about how to care for and support children and knows each kid in the school personally. I really admire her and all the teachers.

My daughter loves art and ICS has painting easels in every classroom that the kids can use whenever they want. They also have an art teacher, Gina, and an art room where they do the most amazing projects together. The yearly ICS art fair is seriously unbelievable. The teachers do the most interesting projects with the kids using various types of supplies. They learn about color, shape, texture,'s really extensive.

They read lots of books and all the classrooms have fun reading lofts. Each room has a large selection of toys that support imaginative play from kitchens to dress up stations to games and puzzles to even a wood working bench in the oldest classroom.

I have no doubt that Ice Cream and Shoe was the best pre-school choice I could have made for my daughter. She is being taught the tools to help her thrive in grade school in a fun, collaborative, community environment.

The Best Preschool

My two boys have gone through Ice Cream and Shoe and it is without a doubt the best preschool in Marin. It is focused on social and emotional learning while making sure the children are loved completely and have all the skills they need to be successful in Kindergarten. In fact the kindergarten teachers at my older son's school all fight over who will get the Ice Cream and Shoe kids because they know that the children who come from here are prepared in all ways.

Many children start at other places, have an ok experience and end up here with their parents amazed at what a preschool can be. It has been here for 25 years, and most of the teachers have been at the school for 10 or more years. All lead teachers have advanced degrees and every single teacher is amazing. The place is just magical. Stop looking and just call to schedule a tour.