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Creating Traditions: Wednesday Walks at San Domenico School

Wednesday Walks San Domenico

Marin Mommies presents a sponsored article from San Domenico School in San Anselmo.

Making use of our beautiful campus and all it has to offer, Brooke Gelber’s Fourth Grade class heads outside each Wednesday morning for their class meeting. “Getting our bodies and brains moving first thing in the morning has become a favorite tradition,” shares Ms. Gelber. 

“We always decide on a topic first, and then draw straws to randomly pair up with a walking partner,” explains Ms. Gelber. “It’s random on purpose. Kids tend to flock to one, two, or three people. This pushes them out of their comfort zone in a way that breaks boundaries and creates bonds.”

The class heads outside in twos to “walk and talk” about topics ranging from classroom reading assignments, to personal sharing, to something creative. “Last week, we discussed how we would create a fantasy pet, with tails, heads, and paws combined from many animals,” said Gelber. “It got our creative juices flowing. Other times we discuss the classroom reading, or whatever they see around them on campus. The purpose is for the students to get to know everyone in their class more deeply, and to talk with someone you might not know very well. Over the year, this creates connections and new friendships.”

This spring, the class has been visiting the ephemeral creek that flows through the SD campus. Once it started raining, the students were asked to guess what they thought would happen to the creek. “Basically, this became a watershed lesson right in front of us,” remarked Gelber, “and a great follow-up to our watershed learnings earlier in the school year.” Another recent topic was “signs of spring.” On that Wednesday, the students walked in silence, listening to the birds, noticing the first green of spring’s emerging buds, blades and branches. 

Here’s what our students said about the Wednesday Walks:

I love Wednesday walks. I like to go outside and check on the river to see if it’s full or sinking back into the earth.
—Joseph T. ’32

I like to explore along the banks of the creek. My favorite part is floating the sticks down the river.
—Sofia B. ’32

I love to look closely at the creek. It is fun to see it go from dry to rushing, and to see how it changes with the season.
—Molly P. ’32

I like talking on the walk. I like hearing what my partner says. I like learning more things about my classmates.
—James W. ’32

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