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To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate--there is a safer middle ground

Many parents have been plagued by whether or not to vaccinate (even me), but a better question might be: How can my child receive the maximum benefit from critical immunizations while reducing potential risks and unnecessary exposures? The key is to know there is a middle ground that recognizes an individual child’s risk factors for getting sick and assesses the most appropriate timing to vaccinate based upon the least neurologically vulnerable time and the most competent time for a proper immunologic response.

Immunizations have had a tremendously positive effect on the spread of contagious disease in the world. However, the current vaccination schedule does not take individual health and risk factors of a child into consideration. In addition, the current immunization campaign is rather aggressive with a child receiving about 48 vaccinations in the first few years of life. Considerable immunologic and neurologic development is occurring during these same first few years. Susceptible individuals may be significantly and adversely affected.

A safer way would be to tailor the immunization choices and timing through careful assessment of an individual child's risk factors (i.e. full term vs premature, breastfed, etc), other environmental risk factors (i.e. smoker in household, daycare, other school age children in house, etc), best timing for appropriate immune response while avoiding the most vulnerable time of neurological development, and risk of getting disease.

I urge you to avoid the "all or none" stance which leaves your child vulnerable in either extreme choice--there really is a safer scientifically based holistic middle ground.

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Educate yourself for informed choice

As a new parent, I agree with the approach of reasoned and informed choice.

A simple exercise: ask your pediatrician if they can recite/tell you the ingredients of the vaccines they are administering...find out if they know.

A new documentary that presents thorough and substantiated information about vaccines, is available online this weekend for free viewing.

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Thats the best thing to do

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I respectfully disagree with most of what is posted here. To stop the disinformation campaign(s) on either side of any issue we MUST consider our sources carefully. We cannot carry biases into decisions as important as the decision to protect our children and the public in the best and safest ways we can.

With respect to the comment of reciting, from memory, the list of all ingredients in all vaccines given to any child, I think that is unrealistic and hardly an indicator of knowledge, clinical experience and the ability to discuss risks and benefits of vaccination (which is what the discussion between parent and practitioner should really be about). Better questions to ask your child's healthcare provider are: "What can I reasonably expect if I vaccinate? What are the best and worst case scenarios, and the probabilities of each outcome?

With respect to the posted "documentary". Please read the disclaimers on the page and about the documentary very carefully. The source is one known to be radically critical of one side of this issue.

While it is true, as parents, we are making this decision for our children, we are also making a decision that can affect the public, which is a society of which we are a part.

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Some additional content to consider

When thinking about not vaccinating, it should be clear in your mind that there ae significant risks to your child, to others, to yourself or other members of your family (if not vaccinated). I feel compelled to share this as a counter point to the single side of this issue that seems to be presented in this thread. Again, my point and objective is not to shame anyone - it is to try and contribute some balanced content, because, again, this decision we make as parents isnt just about us, and our children, it is also a decision that affects the community and society in which we live. Apolgies that some of this content is very sad. But the stories are real.