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Birth Realm Postpartum Doula Care - Your Questions Answered

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Marin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Birth Realm.

Birth Realm is a postpartum care company supporting families in the San Francisco Bay Area. To get an idea of what we offer, here are the top five questions we get asked by soon-to-be parents.

What do postpartum doulas do?

Postpartum doulas are experienced professionals who nurture new families after their baby is born, provide sleep and infant feeding support and education, cook nourishing meals, and help parents feel less overwhelmed and more confident in their new role.

How long do people book your services for? How will I know how much support I’ll need after my baby is born?
The fourth trimester, the first three months postpartum, is a time of deep physical and emotional transformation. Having adequate support during this period has been shown to significantly reduce rates of postpartum mood disorders. Consider how much support you will have from your community, your individual stressors, mental health history, and when you or your partner will have to return to work. Typical packages are 6–12 weeks long with 3–5 day and/or night shifts weekly.

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Asking family and friends to put together a postpartum support fund in lieu of more onesies, gadgets, and toys is a great way to get additional support within your budget. Cute outfits and nightlights only do so much when what you may really need is someone to come and care for you.

What does a day/night typically look like?
Shifts are scheduled in 4 hour blocks during the day and 8-9 hours overnight. During a day shift your doula will check in on how things are going, how much rest you have had, and ask what your goals are for the day. We may provide nursing support, cook you a nourishing meal or two, show you how to comfortably wear your baby, or watch your baby while you shower or get some much needed rest.
During the night, we take over all baby care, with the exception of nursing (obviously!), so you are able to sleep while we burp and change your baby and put them back to sleep. It’s our goal to leave you feeling rested with a warm breakfast to wake up to.

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Why would I need a night doula?
Sleep is essential for physical and mental health and it’s no secret that having a baby can disrupt that. Ask yourself and your partner how well you both handle sleep deprivation and how much you will be able to nap during the day. Consistent sleep for those with a history of anxiety or depression or other mental health disorders is that much more important. Night doulas support both parents in getting restful sleep knowing their little one is being safely cared for in the next room.
Okay, so how does this work?
At Birth Realm, we make it easy. Schedule a free initial call by sending us an inquiry. After that you will meet your doula over zoom. Before your little one arrives, your doula will come to your home for a visit to learn more about your individual needs and how to best support you. Then you let us know when labor begins so we can plan on getting started!
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