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Cloth, Compostable, and Eco-friendly Diaper Services in Marin

When you have a new baby, one of the big questions that comes up is "do we use cloth or disposable diapers? We all know that disposables are easy and relatively inexpensive, but they aren't exactly ecologically friendly, filling up landfills at a record rate. Cloth diapers have been around for ages, and many parents swear by them. They're ecologically sound, convenient, and comfy for baby. In addition to their eco-friendliness, cloth diapers also result in earlier potty training for children who wear them.

Another recent earth-friendly innovation is the compostable diaper. Wet diapers made of compostable materials can be placed in your home compost container to break down with the rest of your compostable waste. (Not the poopy ones, though; see below for more info).

Regardless of which route they choose, new parents in Marin County who choose not to go the disposable route have a few options to choose from.

Tidee Didee Diaper Service

Tidee Didee has been serving Northern California families for ages, and they deliver their soft cotton diapers all over Marin County. Service plans run from $20.99 to $26.99 per week, depending on number of diapers used, and there's an additional charge for thicker "Supersoakers" and toddler-sized diapers. Tidee Didee will pick up soiled diapers at your door and deliver new ones once a week. Visit them online at or call (800) 892-8080 for more information or to start service.

EarthBaby Compostable Diaper Service

Bay Area-based EarthBaby diaper service delivers and picks up compostable diapers at your home. Picked-up dirty diapers are composted at their facility, and end up in gardens, backyards, and landscape features. You may be asking, "Why can't I compost them myself?" Apparently, wet diapers can be composted in a home compost bin or pile, but poopy diapers are another story. Home composters can't get to a high enough temperature to destroy harmful bacteria in human fecal matter, so composting diapers full of number two is a job for professionals. EarthBaby charges a $33.99 service fee, billed every 4 weeks, and diapers cost between $7.99, $11.99, or $12.99 per pack, depending on size. EarthBaby delivers as far as central Marin but not to Fairfax, Terra Linda, or Novato. Find our more, get a free sample, and start service at or (650) 641-0975.


OK, gDiapers isn't technically a diaper service, but they do offer an interesting and earth-friendly twist on disposable diapers. Their compostable diapers are available online and feature a soft cotton gPants outer cover with compostable or flushable inserts. Compost the wet ones and flush the poopy ones down the toilet. Cotton gPants cost $18 each, and disposable inserts start at $15 per pack. Order them online at

The Honest Company

The Honest Company offers sustainably manufactured, eco-friendly, disposable diapers made without chlorine, latex, or synthetic fragrances and lotions. Prices start at $10.95 per pack, and diapers can be ordered online or found at local retailers like Whole Foods Market, Pharmaca, and Target.

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