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Got Backyard Chickens? There's a Group for You!

Chickens in backyard being watched by catIf you don't have chickens running around in your backyard in Marin, then surely one or more of your friends and neighbors does. That's right—chickens are hot. They're about the only farm animals you can keep in a suburban or urban yard (sans noisy rooster, naturally), and not only do you get the freshest eggs you've ever eaten and some pretty clever feathered pets, but they help keep your garden free of insects and other pesky pests. It also goes without saying that they're a great educational experience for children.

Want to know more about keeping chickens, and communicate with other chicken-keepers in throughout Marin? There's a new Yahoo! group just for you—Marin Backyard Chickens. Started back in February by Marin mom Kim Salinger, the Marin Backyard Chickens group is a great resource for any chicken-related question and discussion, including chickens as pets, kids and chickens, chicken care, and Marin County-specific backyard chicken information.Naturally, it's a great source of information if you're thinking about taking the chicken plunge, too.

Backyard hen houseKim spent time around farm animals as a child and teen, and developed a passion for animals and nature, something she hoped to share with her own daughter. She decided to try out backyard chicken-keeping at the beginning of 2011, and has been hooked ever since, and her four bantams, Olive, Hazel, Pearl, and Mabel are definitely part of the family.

Interested? Then check out the group at