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Help Renovate Fairfax's Peri Park

Surrounded by redwood trees in the heart of downtown Fairfax, Peri Park is one of Marin's favorite places for families to play and hold birthday parties. My kids and I certainly spent plenty of time there when they were younger.

This beloved volunteer-created park needs your help, though: its two main play structures are in dilapidated condition and need to be replaced! The two wooden structures are 20 years old and pose significant safety hazards, so $50,000 is needed to replace both with new structures that offer safe, fun play and fit in with the design, character, and charm of Peri Park.

If your kids love playing at Peri Park (or did when they were younger), or if you just want to help out a good cause, you can donate to the Friends of Peri Park fundraising campaign on GoFundMe. The volunteers are looking to raise $75,000 ($50K from the town and $25K being raised in our fundraising campaign).

You can also help out by buying a Peri Park T-shirt or tote bag from the Town of Fairfax or attending one of the upcoming Peri Park Give Back Nights in 2019: February 27 at WayStation and April 9 at Iron Springs Pub & Brewery. You can also lend a hand at the park's spring cleanup day on May 18 from 9 am to noon.

Learn more about Peri Park and its fundraising efforts on the Town of Fairfax's website. You can read more about Peri Park in our playground profile here.