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How to Never Be Bored with Your Workouts Again

KaiaFIT Marin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Kirsta Martino, owner of KaiaFIT San Rafael.

Sometimes in the midst of your workout routines, they get a little too routine. Having a schedule makes it  easy to manage all the pieces that make up your week. But within each of your scheduled workouts, your workouts of choice can easily get…comfy. We like to know what to expect. It’s reliable, we don’t have to think about it, and we sometimes even think it’s still doing as much as it did when we first began. But while you may be “comfortable,” your body has likely not been sufficiently challenged in a long time.

The second you and your body get accustomed with certain workouts or exercises,  it’s time to add progressions and learn how to mix it up on a regular basis.  Here are some ways to liven up your workouts:


If you’ve become a little bored, or maybe even ambivalent about changing up your routines, go back to the reason you started. If you need a little nudge, write down 5-10 things that excite you about exercise, the gym, and your goals. Remind yourself what’s fun about getting healthier, feeling better in your clothes, and growing both mentally and physically stronger.

Change Your Gauge

How do you currently measure your successes? After reminding yourself of your goals and how to stay motivated, take a look at newer ways to gauge your progress. Celebrating milestones will keep you on track, feeling confident, and looking forward to the next workout.

  • Count your steps through your phone or a FitBit.
  • Take body measurements every eight weeks and write them into your phone.
  • Create a basic strength workout and write down the weights you used. Every week, repeat the workout at least once and write down any changes in the amount of weight you lift. Check in every 4 to 6 weeks to see your progress!
  • Complete one minute of push-ups, crunches, squats, and/or dips and write down the numbers. Every 2 to 3 weeks repeat your minute exercises and note how much more you can accomplish!


New Workout Ideas

Workouts should excite both your mind and body! A great workout challenges your body while keeping you focused.

Moving up in the amount of weight you use in your strength workouts will also help keep things fresh. If you can write a mental to-do list while lifting weights, your weights aren’t heavy enough! Workouts should keep you fully engaged!


How Kaia Won’t Let You Hit a Plateau

Doing your own workouts every week takes a lot of planning, self-motivation and knowledge.  That’s why when you sign up at a Kaia FIT, you let the experts do the planning. Every class is a fresh workout to keep you engaged.

Having the right coaches and support will have you meeting and exceeding goals!  Say goodbye to stale workouts, and hello to a whole new you!  Marin Mommies subscribers save 50% off their first month and your first workout is free!  Visit to RSVP or call/text (415) 279-5538. 

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