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A Parent’s Guide to Your Child’s Successful School Experience

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Marin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Caulbridge School in San Rafael.

In these unprecedented times of change and uncertainty, we cannot begin to know the world our children will inherit. How, then, do we trust that we are effectively preparing them?  Many schools have similar goals for their students: fostering creativity, academic success, social-emotional skills, and positive classroom behavior. While these are common-sense goals, the common practice in schools often runs counter to achieving these goals.

A parents' guide to your child’s successful school experience is now available. This book provides short, easily accessible chapters targeting your most pressing concerns:

  • How do I foster creativity in my child?
  • Is there a secret to getting my child to focus?
  • How can I support my child’s social skills?
  • What if my child is being bullied, or being accused of bullying?
  • How will my child’s sensory challenges affect learning?
  • What kind of support can I expect from the school?
  • Can my child overcome school anxieties?
  • And, most importantly, how can my child have a successful school experience?

book cover imageIf you are a forward-thinking parent who wants more for your children — if you are a parent frustrated with the hit-or-miss of your child’s educational experience — this book will come as a reassurance, a relief, and an answer for how to improve your child’s entire learning experience. You’ll find answers that may both surprise you and have you thinking, “Well, that makes sense!”

Fifty percent of American children are unable to cope! What does this mean for our children? How can we equip them with the skills necessary to successfully navigate their ever-changing world? In her groundbreaking work, "A Common Sense Education in Uncommon Times: Caulbridge," author, parent, and education expert Debra Lambrecht takes on these questions.

Ms. Lambrecht has 40 years of experience working with schools and youth leaders in meeting the needs of children. Witnessing the growing concern of children who are ill-equipped for learning and a school system which has become unable to adapt, Debra launched a private school here in Marin, California as part of a larger social mission to build a network of Caulbridge Schools.

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