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Peaceful Warrior Woman: Protector of Your Body and Boundaries

Marin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Dr. Larry Berkelhammer, whose unique women's self-defense class is now enrolling at College of Marin.

Peaceful Warrior Woman is loosely based on wing chun, the only martial art created by women for women. Learn to enforce clear emotional and physical boundaries and train in pragmatic women’s self-defense techniques.

This women’s self-defense class develops self-empowerment and the ability to confidently set clear boundaries that are backed up by believable body language.

A peaceful warrior woman is not afraid to be assertive because she knows it will not diminish her femininity and it will not interfere with being a warm, gentle, and empathic person.

Classes (6-weekly sessions) take place on Tuesdays, June 14–July 19, 2022 at the College of Marin Physical Education Center in Kentfield. Register here.

Confident, self-empowered women are viewed as leaders by family members and everyone with whom they interact.  

Self-defense techniques are learned as you pair up with classmates and practice in slow-motion each week. You will then line up and practice delivering these techniques with speed and full power on a pad that I hold for you. As you each practice techniques on the pads, you will be coached on something specific each week to improve your biomechanics, speed, accuracy, and power.

You are never responsible for anyone else’s feelings. The more you set clear boundaries, the easier it becomes to maintain them.

For more detailed info about class and instructor, visit the instructor’s website:

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