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Prepare Your Child for the Future: 5 Reasons Your Child Should Learn to Code

MV Code Club

Marin Mommies presents a sponsored shout-out from MV Code Club, who offer five reasons why kids should learn to code.

  1. There are now more computing devices than people
    By learning to code, they will be able to master technology, instead of being controlled by it.
  2. Coding teaches problem solving
    Programmers use several logical techniques to solve problems. These techniques are universal and don’t change, even though technology that we use changes all the time.  
  3. Modeling real world phenomena creates a better understanding of math and science
  4. Creating video games is a good alternative to just playing them
    Learning to code changes children’s perception of video games from purely an act of consumption, to one of inspiration and creativity.  
  5. Coding offers a new creative and artistic outlet
    You may have heard of STEM - but have you heard of STEAM?  STEAM adds Art and Design to the equation.

MVCode is a local after-school program that teaches 1st–10th graders to code.  MVCoders use creativity, collaboration, and computational logic while having fun. Kids learn skills to help prepare them for the future - programming, problem solving, math, physics, art and music.

Schedule a free trial class for your child (and a friend / sibling):

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