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Montessori for Toddlers

Ages: 18 months to 3 ½ years

Hours: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

20 Pacific Drive
Novato, CA 94949


10 Stars

I can not say enough good things about the Montessori for Toddlers teachers and program. I think it is the top toddler program in our area. There is always a waiting list so sign up early.

Highly Recommend Montessori for Toddlers

What a loving and safe environment for my daughter to learn. I also think it is the best preschool in Novato, if you can get your child enrolled do it!

Simply the BEST!

Montessori for Toddlers is by far the most excellent toddler program in the area. I did extensive research when it came time for my children to enroll in preschool, and I cannot imagine a better place for them to begin their education. All three of my children thrived under the loving care of Terese Bradshaw. She is absolutely gifted with understanding the minds and hearts of toddlers. I am extremely grateful for her program and give my highest recommendation.

unparalleled - teachers and program

We are so happy with my daughter's progress that would recommend this pre-school highly to everyone who has a toddler. She has grown not only academically but as a wonderful caring and outgoing person from a little girl who had a lot of stranger anxiety. Terese and Mary provide a wonderful nurturing and learning environment for the kids and my daughter loves them and even at home they are always with us!

A cut above...

After observing many pre-schools, when I arrived to observe M for T, I immediately knew this was the cream of the crop of pre-schools in northern Marin. Terese has a way with the kids that is hard to find elsewhere, and with her many years (decades) experience, you can rest assured your child is in great hands. She also teaches parenting classes that are very helpful. You will be amazed at what children even under age 2 are able to do-- both at school and at home after having been with Terese and her assistant, Mary, a very short time. My daughter immediately loved going to "Reese's" and had no trouble transitioning there. I highly recommend it.

Best place for toddlers!

I think Terese has a great montessori program for toddlers and is highly recognized on her positive discipline credential. She understands toddlers very well and always has the answer for me when I need it. I am amazed of what my son has become after being with her and her assistant-Mary. When started, my son was about 21 months old and was very shy and spoke only a few words. Now he is 31 months old and is much more outgoing and speaks non-stop. He often says something that puts me in awe of how much he learns at school. Terese's program is a calm, nurturing, and safe environment and I feel like my son is in the best hand I could find. So I would recommend parent to do your homework-read the books about positive discipline and montessori and go observe Terese's class and you will see what I mean. I would highly recommend this school.

Exceeds the standards of excellence!!

We have been at Montessori for Toddlers for almost 2 years. Although hesitant to send our daughter at 18 months, she has thrived being a part of Terese's amazing program, and we couldn't be happier with our decision. Terese and her assistant, Mary, are extremely loving, caring, take a genuine interest in your child's growth on all levels, and take into account their unique temperament. The curriculum is beyond what you would imagine any 18 month old to 3.5 year old could and would learn in a preschool environment. Their attention to building the self esteem of each child is what also really stands out. The focus on encouraging each child to be able to do it for themselves, to build self confidence and self reliance, has been so enriching for my child at school, and we are so pleased that it has carried over into our home (especially after taking Terese's amazing parenting courses!!). Terese's use of Positive Discipline in the classroom is, I feel, a huge key to the successes that each child feels in all aspects of their lives....socially, academically, and physically. Each child feels a sense of belonging and purpose, which creates an atmosphere of cooperation and calmness. Our experience has been beyond any expectations we had when we first entered the program. We are sad to have to leave such a stellar program.

Montessori for Toddlers

This is the most fantastic pre-school! I am very experienced with Montessori, my two teenage daughters went to six different Montessori schools between them, and I was thoroughly impressed with this school for my son. He started at 18 months and flourished. Terese and her assistant Mary are absolutely terrific with the children. They guide them beautifully. Seriously, I cannot say enough fabulous things about the school, the teachers, the families and the setting. We recently moved to Austin, Texas and we really miss Montessori for Toddlers. There is nothing like it here!

Absolutely OUTSTANDING program!!!!!!!!

Terese & Mary are truly gifted with children. The program is strong on all levels. The Positive Parenting/Discipline method is artfully practiced there. I have total confidence and feel at ease entrusting my son to them! My husband and I researched many schools/programs in Marin for our 2 year old son and felt this one to be second to none!

Montessori for Toddlers is the BEST toddler program there is!

I would like to echo most of the praise already posted here. I cannot say enough good things about this program. Both teachers, Terese and Mary, are such nice, smart, caring people and are so good with the children. Terese is honestly the Toddler Whisperer. It is amazing what she does with the little ones and she is full of great advice for parents as well (if you are looking for it). The kids love her program. They enjoy time inside and out and they eat lunch at school. When they come home they are exhausted and ready for a nap. Our daughter started out very shy and really blossomed while she was there. It was a wonderful introduction to Montessori which we knew little about before starting MFT. We were so impressed that we chose to continue on with Montessori education for the rest of preschool. We just wished we could have stayed at MFT for ALL of preschool. I highly recommend MFT for your toddler.

Excellent Program

I highly recommend Terese's Montessori for Toddlers school. My two boys had a wonderful experience there, where they were introduced to the Montessori method. My husband and I were so impressed with Terese's positive parenting discipline that we chose to have the boys continue on to another Montessori school after turning 3 1/2. Terese truly is an exceptional teacher, and I would recommend her school to all parents looking for a nurturing, encouraging, and wonderful environment for their children, geared to instill happiness, kindness, and love of learning as well as focus and work ethic. Truly superb program!

Feel like home

Zosia has been admitted to Montessori for Toddlers one week after she has arrived to the U.S. from Poland. She was almost two years old at that time and did not speak any language. Despite the language and cultural barrier she simply sunk into her First-in-life school! People were taking pictures of her RUNNING from our car to her school! My wife took Positive Discipline classes and we are certain that both our daughters benefit from the skills and method we got acquainted with, thanks to Terese.
One year stay in the U.S. has passed quickly and we moved back to Europe. Zosia still speaks English as her first language, writes cards for Ms. Mary and Ms. Terese, and keeps arguing that her school address is 'number two-zero' (although it's 25 at the moment).
Out of many happy things that we have experienced living in Bay Area Terese's school and Zosia's development is listed #1. Our daughter is happy, self-confident, helpful and nice to others mainly due to Terese's and Mary's hard work, patience and love they offer to the kids.
I have failed to find a comparable school program back home. And we all miss Montessori for Toddlers at Terese's.

Your childs face will say it all

Simply the best! Our daughter responded amazingly to the positive discipline approach and Montessori design. She started shortly after she turned 2 years old and just blossomed. She now has so much self confidence. Each week she comes home with new things she learned, from small tasks like putting on her own shoes and clothes to setting the table and juicing her own orange juice. She is always singing songs from school and talking about her friends or new things that she is learning. They eat healthy organic meals and snacks which is a bonus. Terese and Mary have great communication with the parents. They are quick to respond to emails and update parents on what the kids are experiencing through back to school nights or parent teacher conferences. They also post wonderful pictures on the Montessori web site, which is such a gift for parents, who are be able to see their child creating art, concentrating on a project or just playing with friends. I can't say enough about this wonderful program and only wish our daughter could stay longer.


Tonight while I was talking to my husband and my two girls about something, I looked at the dinner table and realized that my two-year old son had taken two paper towels from the roll , divided them into five napkins, exactly enough for each family member, and set them on the table for dinner. I hadn't asked him to do it. I had never taught him how to count to five, or discussed the fact that we have 5 members in our family. We all attributed his initiative, general eagerness to help, and ability to understand the number 5, to Montessori for Toddlers. Several times each day, we are surprised by things that he has picked up from Terese and Mary. I also believe that Montessori for Toddlers has contributed greatly to his ability to express himself and his feelings easily - allowing him to avoid tantrum mode and aggression most of the time - his quickness to respond to reasoning, his general love of life and learning, and pleasant manners. Terese and Mary model positive discipline beautifully and have made me a better mother. My son runs to school, excited to see his friends and participate in his little community. He loves the "works." The curriculum is lovely - engaging the children in the world they are about to discover - Ocean; Farm; Jungle and more, It is simply a joy to have our son at Montessori for Toddlers and when he is done he will be leaving with a love of learning and an excitement about life that is truly priceless.

Amazing Program, Amazing Teachers

Terese Bradshaw's program has been such a wonderful experience our family. Our son has thrived in this environment, so much so that we are enrolling our younger son. We have been very impressed with the advances he has made as a student at Montessori for Toddlers. Each morning, we are greeted by Terese and her assistant, Mary as they welcome the students inside the classroom with a warm and caring demeanor. The classroom website is kept current so parents and caregivers can follow the curriculum and be more involved at home. Our son knows so many things, and I am learning so much right along with him (bird calls, for example!). Terese stays on top of anything that may be a concern and takes the time to answer any questions that we have. We feel so lucky to be apart of this wonderful experience and know that it will be a solid foundation for his lifelong learning.

So thankful for Montessori for Toddlers!

Montessori for Toddlers has been a wonderful place for our daughter and has helped her blossom into a happy, capable, independent, potty-trained(!!) 2.5 year old. Many of the programs I looked at before deciding on MFT seemed chaotic and haphazard, with the caregivers looking completely complacent or overwhelmed. The opposite is true of Montessori for Toddlers. From the moment I spoke with Terese Bradshaw on the phone, I was very interested in the idea of positive discipline and the childrens' use of real materials to discover their world. Then I observed the positive, calm, and peaceful atmosphere of the classroom and knew I had to find a way to get my daughter into this school. It is worth every penny to know that my daughter is being cared for by people who truly love her, greet her at the door each day with a smile, and are helping her explore her interests in an intentional, nurturing environment. I am so thankful for this school, and the fact that they could take my daughter at just 18 months was fantastic!

Look No Further!

As parents, we all want the best for our child especially when it comes to pre-schools. We are so lucky to have found THE BEST right here in our own neighborhood of Southern Novato.

Montessori for Toddlers has been a life-changing and transformative experience for our son, Henry. We looked at several pre-schools, (some Montessori some not) and none of them came close to what MFT offers. What makes this school so special is its founder, Terese Bradshaw, who we call the "toddler whisperer". Terese is a remarkable teacher, positive discipline coach, mother and caregiver who brings over 30 years of experience to the table. Terese and her teaching partner, Mary give 110% to the kids every single day. They greet each child with such enthusiasm and positively engage and encourage them to explore and learn.

The in-home classroom is cozy, beautifully arranged, safe and clean. You feel a sense of calm the moment you pull up and swing open the gate to their little world. Terese and Mary also serve wholesome organic hot meals each day and my son always comes home in a clean diaper!

The toddler years are challenging and we feel very fortunate to have MFT as an oasis for our son to flourish. We've watched him become independent, verbal, artistic, educated and self-sufficient through his experience at MFT. "Mine Do it!" he says.. Thank you MFT for being there! We wish we could stay forever.

I Am Capable

"I Am Capable" is a phrase that every parent knows well and a mindset that every child adopts when they attend Montessori for Toddlers.
As a stay at home mom, I had my son enrolled in every playgroup possible. So, when I decided to enroll him in preschool, I was looking for something more than just an opportunity for him to socialize. When I visited MFT, I was impressed with Miss Terese and Miss Mary's warmth towards the children and genuine interest they have in every child's learning. Beyond that, I was impressed with the curriculum. When you first enter the class room it appears sparse, just a few "trays" on shelves. The quiet hum of busily working children is in sharp contrast to most environments with 12 toddlers. What you realize is that quality, not quantity, abounds here. Every activity available to the children has a purpose above and beyond just play. Now, whether my son is learning how to take apart a flashlight (which, consequently, helps him learn to sequence a series of steps, which later will help him sequence letters, words and numbers for reading and math) or how to clean up his work on his own, his confidence grows each time he completes a task. Additionally, I know that the building blocks for future academic and social success are being put in place. The miniature classroom is clean and uncluttered and every activity is at a child's arms reach. For the 4 hours a day he is at school, the environment is set up for his success and he truly is capable of achieving amazing things.
Additionally, Miss Terese and Miss Mary do an excellent job keeping parents apprised of their children's learning and post pictures, videos and current curriculum to a secure website . My son loves to get on the computer with me after school and show me all of his friends, the work he did, and the songs he knows. It is an amazing moment as a parent to see your child bursting at the seams barely able to contain his/her pride. And, thanks to Miss Terese and Miss Mary, I get to experience that every day.
Thank you MFT for helping to create my capable little boy!


Terese’s Montessori for Toddlers is an amazing program and we can’t rave about it enough! Our son has been here for a year and absolutely loves it. He talks about school and his friends all the time. Terese and Mary are phenomenal – they are fantastic with toddlers and also extraordinarily knowledgeable. We love all parts of this program and are so happy to be part of it! - Deana

The Best

My daughter started at MFT when she was 20 months old. She was extremely shy and a clingy toddler. We were very anxious about how she would do being away from home. Terese and Mary are extremely experienced and helped us through smooth transition. My daughter loves her school. After the initial adjustment period, she has not complained once about going to school. Terese and Mary really care about the children. I am very happy that my daughter has the opportunity to attend this school. I have observed her becoming confident and assertive 3 year old. I am really glad that we chose MFT. Terese and Mary are very knowledgeable and super easy to approach. They are just an email away. I wish we could keep our daughter with Mary and Terese forever! I have always been a self-doubting parent but sending my daughter to this school is one of the BEST decisions I have made and I absolutely have no doubts about it!


We were fortunate enough to find Montessori for Toddlers when our first daughter was 18 months! Since than 2 of our kids have gone through the program and the 3rd will hopefully start after the holidays! WE think it is a PRIVILEGE to have been a part of this wonderful little school and had these two teachers (Terese and Mary) be a part of our girls lives. This school is so much more than any place I have ever toured or seen anywhere. Our kids are so very independent, loving and enthusiastic about learning - so much of that is from what they learned at Montessori for Toddlers. MY FAVORITE thing about this school is how they encourage/support all children and THEIR parents with all aspects of being a toddler/preschooler. If you are lucky enough to have your child at this school, the only thing that will disappoint you is when it is time for your child to move on. Nothing compares! Check it out! You will love it....

Perfect place for Toddlers!

My son is graduating from the program this month after attending Terese's school for the last 2 years. Truly amazing what Terese and Mary do everyday for these children. I noticed a transformation in my son the 1st week. My son is such a capable young boy at the age of 4 and I have Terese and Mary to thank for that. I'm just sad he has to move on to his next school but excited to have my daughter start attending next year. There is no other place I would even consider sending my children.

Best of the Best!!

Our son attended Montessori for Toddlers starting in July 2015 through August 2016. Our graduation day was bittersweet because we had to move on to the next school. Our son thrived at Montessori with all the other kids and loved Miss Mary and Miss Terese. He just loved going to school in the mornings and would run into the classroom or playground without any hesitation. They worked their magic with potty training and it made our lives so much easier, especially with a baby on the way. I can't imagine sending my kids anywhere else. Terese and Mary are so kind, patient and loving!!

great school

I have been very happy with the education both my children have received from Terese Bradshaw’s Montessori for Toddlers. It has given them both great confidence in moving on to pre-k and I recommend the school highly! Make sure to apply early!