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Two Languages: Twice the Fun!

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Marin Mommies presents a sponsored article from Lycée Français de San Francisco, which offers educational programs from age 2 to Grade 5 at its Marin County campus in Sausalito and to Grade 12 at its San Francisco Campuses. 

The gift of Bilingualism : an educational strategy

A growing number of new parents are considering language immersion programs for their toddlers. This makes sense when you consider that studies worldwide collectively demonstrate the many advantages of learning in - at least - two languages, from heightened executive functions to multitasking, problem solving, or a greater ability to develop empathy and openness.

For more than 50 years, LFSF has been the first choice of many families looking to give their child the gift of bilingualism. As a matter of fact, this year again, LFSF has been selected by parents as the best Language Immersion School, and the best International School in San Francisco and Marin! (Bay Area Parents, 2020, Best of the Best).

To explain how young children grow and thrive in the LFSF bilingual program, Amina MAINE, English department coordinator, meets with the Admissions Team. She’s joined by Hanna, an LFSF, Gr10 student, who shares how she’s come to appreciate the bilingual education she’s received at LFSF since preschool.

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Watch the conversation on choosing a bilingual education

Under COVID, #WeGotThis!

Since the beginning of of the pandemic, LFSF has demonstrated its ability to #pivot, #adapt and #anticipate to fulfill its educational mission to provide students with the tools they need to make positive and impactful contributions to our world, and carry the spirit of openness, curiosity and integrity shaped at LFSF.

All our students have been on campus for months now, with the option to join the class remotely thanks to strict safety protocols in line with the recommendations from local health authorities, and regular, transparent communication with its community.

Children in our Early Childhood program can play and learn together, socialize and interact while immersing themselves in the French language . Preschool, pre-K and Kindergarten are 3 very important formative years that together constitute what we refer to as “Maternelle"*, and that prepares young children to grow, thrive and become students.

*Maternelle is available in Sausalito and in San Francisco (ASHBURY campus)

LFSF is able to continue providing students with a wide range of opportunities to learn, collaborate and expand skills acquired in class - such as research, written argumentation, oral presentation "pitching"-, to propose creative and innovative solutions to contemporary issues. Our annual entrepreneurial event Start’Up Lycee, introduces Gr 10 students to the main steps of a startup launch, preparing  them for higher education or their professional future.

Likewise, LFSF is very proud for its students to be amongst the participants in the 2021 Institut Français international version of Night of Ideas (on January 28 from 7–9 pm). The San Francisco’s version of the theme, “closing the distance”, will be a free two-hour virtual showcase of some of the Bay Area’s leading thinkers and performers and is locally sponsored by partners such as Villa San Francisco, KQED, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), San Francisco Public Library and California Humanities.

Our program naturally allows students to immerse themselves in various cultures, languages, and geographies, in part through an extensive LFSF global learning program, providing students with a deep understanding of different cultural perspectives, having a great impact on their development as global citizens and on their accomplishments shaping the world of tomorrow.

Night of Ideas

Watch the trailer to get a sneak peek of LFSF students performance.

Interested in learning more?

Unfortunately, as per our COVID protocols, prospective parents are not currently allowed to visit our campus but our admissions team is working hard to allow you to peek in!

  • TAKE A VIRTUAL TOUR! Our virtual campus tour is being updated regularly with informative and 360 videos of activities and fun moments at school.
  • JOIN OUR CONVERSATIONS: Register to the upcoming Admissions monthly webinars to learn more about LFSF, its organization, its programs and its community. Each month, we cover a different topic. These webinars are crafted  with care, with our prospective families in mind. If you missed the past editions, you can find their recordings to view at any time.

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