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12 Days of Holiday Books: It's Christmas, David!

It's Christmas, David!"No peeking!"

"Those are not toys!"

"Be patient!"

"Santa's watching!"

Sound familiar? It's common dialogue in our house around this time of year, and it's a big part of the hilarious It's Christmas, David!(32 pages, The Blue Sky Press, 2010).

It's Christmas, David! is part of author and illustrator David Shannon's series of David books, which feature poor little David and the litany of mischievous things he's told not to do (based on the author's real-life childhood experience, no less). With all the admonitions directed toward David in It's Christmas, David!, it might seem like he's an awful kid; but he's not—he's just doing what most children do and feeling the way most children feel around the holidays. OK… maybe David's behavior is a little worse than most kids'—but then that's what makes the book so funny!

Fortunately, it all turns out OK in the end, but not without a few laughs at David's mischief along the way. Shannon's illustrations, as always, are edgy, raucous, and just plain fun, and can make my kids giggle just from looking at them. Find It's Christmas, David! at your library, local bookstore, or

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