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Drum Parties with Mika's Drumming Magic

Looking for a fun, unique, and memorable birthday party? Marin's Mika's Drumming Magic offers exciting drum parties for people of all ages.

Mika provides instruments and excellent facilitation for groups of all ages, drawing on skills he's developed over 20 years of facilitating drum groups for schools, workshops, private and corporate clients. Drumming Magic drum parties are paced in a way that makes them fun and accessible for participants of all ages. Even participants who consider themselves non-musical are amazed with what they and the group create together!

Instruments can be made available for groups of up to 100 people. Sessions can last anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. A 45-minute session will work well for almost any party. Drum parties can occur both  indoors and out, and don't require special permits since the drums are not amplified.

Drum party activities include drumming with modified buckets and sticks; playing with conga, African djembe, and frame drums; and playing shakers. Many groups also end up singing and dancing in addition to drumming together.

Mika's Drumming Magic drum party

Mika Scott has been drumming since he was a child and has also performed live with Steve Miller, Zero, and Hamza El Din, as well as Bob Weir and Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead.

For more information and a free estimate call Mika at (415) 482-1610. You can also visit for more information.

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