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Marin's Batter World Makes Pancakes Easy!

batter world pancakesFor breakfast, nothing beats delicious pancakes hot off the griddle. We love to make pancakes for breakfast, and it seems like we make them every weekend. We always make our pancakes from scratch, and keep a carton of buttermilk in the refrigerator at all times in case the need arises. While it's not hard to make pancake batter from scratch, it does take some time, and it usually makes a mess, so it's not something that's suited to quick weekday breakfasts before school.

That's where local startup Batter World comes in. Created by Leigh Judson and Nicole Palmer, two Mill Valley moms, Batter World offers a line of frozen all natural pancake mixes that you just defrost, shake, and pour. We had a chance to sample all three flavors offered by Batter World—original, multigrain, and gluten-free—and they were all light, fluffy, and delicious. I hate to say it, but they all tasted just as good as our homemade from-scratch pancakes, but were much easier to make… and clean up, of course.

All you do is defrost the resealable pouch of batter overnight in the refrigerator, then shake the pouch and pour onto a heated griddle or pan. That's it! Batter World pouches can be resealed and kept in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.

batter world pancakes We made all three kinds for breakfast last weekend and sampled them side-by-side. I loved the original traditional-style pancakes the best, while my husband and son really liked the multigrain variety which had a nice nutty flavor. My daughter liked the gluten-free ones, which are made with brown rice flour, corn flour, and almond meal, and actually taste very similar to the multigrain version. We all really liked all three, though. Each variety is made with a little cinnamon in the batter, which I don't normally add when I make pancakes. The flavor was actually really subtle and we all liked it!

We had plenty of batter left over for breakfasts during the week, so my kids were able to fuel up on multigrain pancakes topped with fresh fruit and sliced almonds before school. Batter World pancakes would also be great to take along on family camping trips. (You could defrost the pounces in an ice chest overnight.)

We'll definitely buy Batter World pancake batter again. They really taste just like homemade pancakes, and are made with ingredients like eggs, whole milk, and unbleached flour—all the same kinds of things homemade pancakes are usually made of. You can find them at Whole Foods, Mollie Stone's, Woodlands Market, and Mill Valley Market, among others. Check out their website at for additional locations and more information about their product.

Photos courtesy Batter World

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